We at Odentio have created a measurable, reliable and experience-based system by which following our evaluation of your hotel’s results, we shall offer a full array of services, aiming to improve revenues and profits through planning and guidance.

We shall thoroughly analyze your business, both internally and externally. Our approach is based upon a simple “Improvement Basis” format. Whatever works well is noted and multiplied, whereas anything having space for further improvement becomes our first priority to work on.




We at Odentio will coach your team on how to maximize your revenues
by selling the right room category,
to the right client, at the right moment and at the right price, on the right distribution channel with the best commission efficiency.

The method to sell multiple rooms and suites for the same duration, with optional offering of meeting rooms, spa, food and beverage outlets and other hotel facilities. A successful sales process will be based on knowledge of the destination and acquaintance with the particular traits of this market segment, the product and the competition.




We will guide your team on how to enhance the sales process, from creating a rapport with potential clients, analyzing their needs & wants, upselling and side-selling, overcoming objections, obtaining commitments and most importantly – implementing an effective follow-up procedure.


Following our guidance, your staff will have a thorough understanding of HOW to positively evaluate the destination, promote the advantages of your product, acquaint themselves with the particular market segment and with the competition, and will be able to wisely implement these elements into their selling technique.

The management process that is responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements in a profitable way.


The marketing process is central to the business performance of your hotel. It is about understanding the competitive marketplace and ensuring you can tap into key trends, reaching consumers with the right product at the right price, place and time.


We will train your team to focus on their three most important tasks:

Acquire, Retain, Develop.

This represents a support system to ensure the overall development of the employees and executives in the sales & marketing division within your organization. Employees are the highest asset of your organization and they need to be retained, maintained and developed to their highest potential.


People development, their needs, behavioral patterns, career paths and competences should be addressed carefully and professionally. Odentio can assist the hotel’s management with appropriate guidelines.

Plan Preparation

Plan Implementation

Hotels tend to focus on preparing
a macro organizational business plan.
Odentio’s emphasizes and instructs the creating of a tailor-made “personal business plan model”.


Each team member will have
a specific and personal yearly plan that will include clear and well thought objectives, strategies and tactical tools by segment and by month.

Many great plans fail due to shortcomings in the implementation process.


We do not just coach on preparing a plan, we ensure that it is actually implemented in full.  We guide you through the implementation process, by which any initial difficulties are rectified, until eventually the full-fledged model is set in place.



We nurture the management and key personnel as a source for spreading inspiration amongst the work staff. We encourage coaching sessions which will lead to both personal and professional growth. We promote brainstorming sessions that reflect ad-hoc ideas, later to be refined and used in the business.


and measurements

In this step of the process, we introduce
a system by which each team member is responsible for sharing his or her plan and results with the rest of the team on a regular basis.


Each member individually, and the team as a whole, are accountable for failures and successes, thus creating a highly motivated group in which “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”.


The results of the implementation are analyzed on an on-going basis. Adjustments will be made accordingly.

Mexico City, Mexico